16 December 2015

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Subject line: The Emerald Isle

Title: The Emerald Isle

Author: Topazowl/Topazowlet

Artist: Antares

Genre: Adventure

Rating: R

Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, Sam Carter, Teal’c, Mitchell, Vala, Landry, Mackay, Sheppard, Landry, Siler, Hayley, Harriman

Pairings: Daniel Jackson/Jack O’Neill

Warnings: None really. Jack and Daniel are together but it doesn’t go into the bedroom!

Summary: I wrote a story called “The Key to Infinity” which was published a few years ago by Ashton Press about SG1 and the Clava Thessara Infinitas and although the story finished well and finished Adria off (unfortunately to the demise of Shifu), I never concluded the search for the CTI. The Key to Infinity is now on AO3 so anyone can read it and this is a follow up but will stand alone as a story.

Basically it involves all of SG1, mark 1 and 2 and some of the Atlantis characters. It involves Daniel in a close relationship with Jack but no sexual content will be included.

SG1 consists of Daniel, Mitchell and Vala and Teal’c when he is able. They do not have a heavy mission load. Sam is commanding the Hammond and Jack has moved Homeworld Security to Cheyenne Mountain (only he could convince the President to let that happen!! I believe this happened in the Season 11 written by some brilliant authors). Landry is in charge, Walter Harriman flits between Landry and Jack and Colonel Paul Davis is Jack’s aide and spends most of his time flying between Washington and Colorado Springs!!

Jack has bought his old house back (at a ridiculously inflated price). Sam and Rodney, together have learned how to recharge and backwards engineer the ZPM so there are no power problems for dialling Pegasus.

Daniel is convinced the CTI exists. Morgan-le-Fay was quite adamant about that and SG1 have seen a copy. He becomes obsessed (what’s new) with researching this and there will be quite a lot of dialogue where he convinces Landry and Jack that he must go to Ireland to follow up leads. Sam, from the nature of her job, is side-lined a bit. Teal’c probably comes back to Earth more than he should in support of Daniel and the latter has Jack wrapped round his finger!

This is the second in a trilogy which involves the search for the CTI and for Destiny.

Notes: Many, many thanks to Antares for her wonderful manips and thanks to SGSheila for the beta. All mistakes are my own and I don’t own any of the characters, unfortunately. No infringement intended.


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